Animals: they’re just like us!

I went to the zoo today. I love it there. My kids love it there. My husband loves it there. We’re zoo people.

Today taking pictures, I felt like I was spying on the them. The monkeys, bears and penguins. Barging in during private moments. Crashing their contemplative Sunday.

I have been in an existential tizzy lately, so perhaps I’m projecting, but these mammals look like the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

Jellyfish terrify me. Not the whole pee on yourself to get their poison off bit, but the fact that they don’t have a brain or a heart. Huh? What’s the point? That’s what I fear the afterlife is. No heaven or reincarnation but floating death.

Geeze. Lighten up, Francis.

This Monkey has a secret.

Or maybe he just remembered his favorite song from Jr. High or smelled something that made him think of his grandma.

What’s up?

Nothing. Just hangin’.

Bird squad.

It’s okay bud. Nobody likes that Goldilocks brat. And why would you want to eat cold porridge anyways?

Hi! I'm a mom, teacher, writer, and wife. I don’t know what order to put those in. Let's connect!

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