A Tale Of Two Births

My son who wasn’t and my daughter who was.

I’m sorry. This is not a viable pregnancy.

Do you know what that is?

You won’t have another cycle for what…two…three years?

How bad are you itching? Do you have open wounds?

You don’t have it. The itching is that bad.

Monsters! What’s next…formula?

This baby needs to come out now.

Get this woman her baby.

Doctors know nothing. Fix your baby.

Make it come in. You’re his mother.

He looks a little orange.

Well, you’ve done this before.

You’re going to break your vagina.

You have time. Go walk around the hospital.

Get her off the toilet.

Send help!

Breathe with me, Mamma.

The baby is coming!


Do you want to hold her?

Mam, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty this is the least jaundiced baby I have ever seen.

Of course. You know best.

Hi! I'm a mom, teacher, writer, and wife. I don’t know what order to put those in. Let's connect! https://m.facebook.com/Rachwrites/

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